Willow Oak Tree Exhibit


August 28 - November 18, 2021

In honor of the willow oak tree that graced the lawn of the historic Ware – Lyndon House for over a century, this exhibit features works created with and inspired by the tree. Each of the participating artists received reclaimed wood from the tree to incorporate into a work of art.

Artists included in the Willow Oak Tree Exhibit are Peter Bull, Tad Gloeckler, Walt Groover, Cal Logue, Reid McCallister, Larry Millard, Duane Paxson, Leonard Piha, Richard Shrader, Jim Talley, Abraham Tesser, Jim Underwood, Martijn van Wagtendonk and Tom Wenzka.

Artist Programming:

October 30, 1pm - 3:30 pm - Willow Oak Tree Symposium with Peter Bull, Tad Gloeckler & Larry Millard. Join us for an afternoon of in-person and virtual presentations from the Willow Oak Tree Exhibit. The Symposium will be hosted by Guest Curator, Abraham Tesser. Peter Bull is a nationally known timber framer. He will talk about Timber Preparation, i.e., how does one start with a tree on the ground, prepare the timber and end up with a useful structure.  Tad Gloeckler, an architect and Professor of Art at UGA will talk about Narrative in Sculpture.  He will address questions like, why is narrative important in 3 dimensional art?  How does an artist infuse an object with narrative?  How does an art consumer decode the narrative?  Larry Millard’s career as a sculptor and his “retirement” have put him into the thick of creating, planning and recruiting public art. Larry will talk about the Creation and Consumption of public art. 


Previous Programs:

August 28, 2pm - Join Guest Curator Abraham Tesser for an introduction to the Willow Oak Tree Exhibit, in the Community Room at the Lyndon House Arts Center. 

September 9, 6pm - Gallery Talks with Duane Paxson, Jim Talley & Tom Wenzka. 

September 25, 4pm - Small Box Series: “Again and Again”, featuring works from dancers, musicians, and a poet. Small Box Series is a quarterly performance featuring artists from different genres in an intimate environment. Limited to a 4x4 box, movement artists, musicians, bands, spoken word artists, writers, actors, and poets use the small stage to bring the audience closer to their work and their experience.  Though Underground Dance Society originally produced the series, Lisa Yaconelli is now producer and curator. For this event, Lisa has invited artists to respond to the themes of the Willow Oak Tree Exhibit: resiliency, regrowth, and rebirth. Performers include Lisa Yaconelli, Anne Shaffer, Jennifer Morlock, Daisy, and Night Palace (solo).  This event is being performed outside on the Lyndon House North Lawn. 

October 21, 6pm 3Thurs - This is a virtual event. Gallery talk with Cal Logue, Leonard Piha & Richard Shrader.  

A publication will accompany this exhibition. Download the publication HERE  Pictured above: Left, work by Martijn van Wagtendonk, Right, photograph by Shannon Williams

A huge willow oak tree was sentinel and a beacon to all who visited the Lyndon House Arts Center since its’ establishment in 1976. The tree reached the end of its life after an estimated 150 years, and had to be removed from the property in 2016. Now 14 outstanding artists have repurposed and included the wood in art objects. Their work expresses some of their own thoughts and feelings about the iconic tree, the Lyndon House Arts Center and the Athens community.

Wood at Onelta 2
Wood at Oneta 6

Pictured:  Heritage Willow Oak wood prepared at Oneta Woodworks.  Ready for pick up by wood turners!