We are the Other:A Photographic Portrait of Athens

We are the Other: A Photographic Portrait of Athens, Ga, is a city wide exhibition by visiting artist Wing Young Huie.  
On view at the Lyndon House Arts Center from January 24 – March 2, 2017

Wing investigates assumptions we make about each other based on what we look like. He asks, “How do you think others see you? What don’t they see?”  These questions encourage intimate discussions about identity and culture.  Wing’s social practice and “Chalk Talk” project, helps those to formulate personal insights, write these thoughts on a chalkboard, that result in a meaningful portrait. We get to learn and feel more about each individual by seeing them, and reading what’s not seen.  

Diverse groups of Athens residents participated in the “Chalk Talks” last April when Wing was invited by the Athens Cultural Arts Commission, (ACAC) as part of the Public Art Master Plan Development The groups included are the Council on Aging, Sparrows Nest, a local veterans group at Strickland’s Restaurant, Clarke Central and Cedar Shoals High School students, as well as impromptu encounters with people downtown and at Georgia Square Mall.

We are the Other, exhibits will be installed at multiple locations making this project of public art, citywide. Some locations include the Lyndon House Arts Center, Cine, Athens-Clarke County Library, the Wilson Center for Humanities and Arts, the Georgia Square Mall and other locations as well as informally around town.

Exhibit: Lyndon House Arts Center exhibit is on view from January 24 – March 2, 2017.
Artist Lecture: Cine Lab, February 2nd at 6:30pm” How Photographs Form Us: WHAT DO YOU SEE?"

Public art and the social practice of art, can define a community, expose the qualities of a neighborhood, express a portrait of a town. Through his collective work, Wing Young Huie invites us to challenge our initial perceptions and allow for a widening perspective on diversity, identity, and ethnic/ cultural assumptions.