Lounge Gallery: Kristen Hyink 1st

On view from March 10 - June 2, 2018

The Lounge Gallery at the Lyndon House Arts Center, features quarterly solo exhibitions by artists exploring the first steps towards a professional career as an image maker.. Artists in the beginning stages or re- invigorating their careers exhibit wall-bound works in mediums alternating from drawing to painting to photography to printmaking. life-long creative hobbies more seriously. 

Kristen Hyink is a self-taught illustrator, sculptor, and musician from Austin,Texas. Feeling overwhelmed and lost amidst the rapid growth of her hometown, Hyink relocated to Athens in 2015 in search of a more intimate community. She found work in the local art scene and began to take her. After being accepted into Lyndon House's 42nd Juried Exhibition in 2017, Hyink found the confidence to fully commit herself to her art. Inspired by nature, dreams, and the power of self discovery, her work radiates feminine strength through a lens of otherworldly isolation. Kristen aims to provide a deeply personal experience for the audience, touching on themes of the shared human (and animal) condition while incorporating intimate elements of her own life throughout her richly-detailed creations.

From the artist:
As I chipped away at what would later become the first illustration in this series, I thought to myself, "I want this to be so detailed you can almost hear the environment." Then I mused, "what if you could hear it?" From there, the idea of creating soundtracks to accompany my illustrations was borne. I generate sound samples using a handful of different instruments, including flute, guitar, dulcimer, synthesizers, and my voice. I also capture sounds with a field recorder everywhere I go, especially when I am out in the wilderness. All of these recordings are then arranged and manipulated to fit the mood of a certain illustration. My hope is that, by including a soundtrack with each of my illustrations, the audience will slow down and spend more time with the piece, taking in all of the details and letting the emotional relationship between the sounds and the scenery grow into one cohesive experience, and fully immerse themselves in the narrative.