The Game Show

On view: through October 7

3THURS event - September 21, 6 - 8
The Game Show includes interactive work by Esteban Patino, sculpture by Curtis Ames, Lea Purvis, and a scavenger hunt by Kaleena Stasiak, Paintings by Meg Aubrey and Noah McCarthy, photographs by Nicole Jean Hill, and video by Paul Pfeiffer. Mike Landers has created wall-hanging works from LEGOs.
These artists investigate notions of leisure, competition, and physicality/sports.

Additional programming and offerings includes a gallery brochure.

SPECIAL EVENT: 3Thurs Game Show Field Night
Thursday, September 21, 6 - 8pm
Enjoy an evening with artist run activities hosted by Esteban Patino, Kaleena Stasiak and Mike Landers.

Above:"Before the Match" by Meg Aubry, "S-Words by Noah McCarthy
Below" "In-Situ" by Kaleena Stasiak
In situ