Inside Out:Expressing the Inner World

Inside Out: Expressing the Inner World is an exhibition featuring abstract paintings created by a group of women artists throughout the Nation. 

On View: July 24 - October 16, 2021  

Closing event tentatively planned: Saturday October 16, 2021

Exhibition will include paintings by Melinda Hoffman (South Carolina), Juanita Bellavance (Georgia)., Penny Beesley (South Carolina), Nan Davis (North Carolina), Nell Tilton (Louisiana), Nancy Perry (South Carolina), Bre Crowell (South Carolina), Kathleen Roman, Carolyn Busenlener (Mississippi), Debbie Ezell (Georgia), Andrea Baetti (Georgia), Annette Crosby (Georgia), Thyra Moore (Maryland), Suzanne Jacquot, Mary Beth Cornelius (Georgia), Vicki Overstreet, Patricia Payne, Garnet Reardon (Georgia), Betty Efferson (Louisiana), Betty Perry, Billie Bourgeois (Louisiana) and Marcia Holmes (Louisiana).

Betty Perry

Painting by Betty Perry