Connecting: Stairways to.. by artist Thom Houser

On view: through October 21

3thurs Gallery Talk October 19, 6pm
Thom Houser, has created a unique installation using photographs, video and light sculpture. Selected from our exhibition proposal applications, this exhibit explores stairways as a metaphor for transformation and connections on multiple levels. Please join us for a conversation with the artist on Third Thursday

Connecting: Stairways to . . . a site specific installation by Thom Houser, will explore the many types of connections that occur while using stairways: Entering, Processing, Accessing, Escaping, Blocking access, Socializing, Exploring. The multi-media installation will include several components, sculpture, photography, and video. 
Houser writes “As an interior designer with a background in music, my work always has been sensitive to time, movement and performance in space. For me installation art is a natural outgrowth of interior design. My installations rely heavily on layering of information, offering you distinct experiences from a distance and up close. They are designed to pull you into and through a space or towards and around an event. Each installation is site-specific and rarely could, or should be assembled in the same configuration at another location.”

The Lyndon House twice a year, reviews proposals for exhibits by area artists and curators.  This exhibit went through this process and was awarded an exhibition in the Arts Center's programming.

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Abu Dhabi 2
Abu Dhabi by Thom Houser