Paper Plants and Flowers by Heidi Stabler

Heidi Stabler, paper flower

The glass cases in the Atrium Gallery of the Lyndon House Arts Center will be in bloom this summer.  Heidi Stabler,  a landscape architect, will be featuring her paper plants and flowers in concert with the new exhibition Highlighting Contemporary Art in Georgia; Cut & Paste.

Heidi Stabler attended the University of Georgia studying Landscape Architecture and continued to practice in London and New York before returning back to Athens in 2015.  Paper flowers are an extension of my passions for design, horticulture, and the arts.

"My sculptures are a conversation about the natural and the artificial. The beginnings of each flower start with a deep study of its anatomy and stages of life. After the flower is understood, I find ways to transfer those organic elements to paper recreations." - Heidi Stabler.