Willow Oak Tree Gallery at the Arts Center

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This Gallery, and on-going Arts Center programming, is in honor of the magnificent Willow Oak having reached the end of its lifecycle. An anchor of the Arts Center’s campus, this beauty will be much missed.

This Clarke County Champion tree has been inspiration of much creative activity from painting and drawing, photography and poetry by the many artists and youth. The community of Athens has enjoyed the majesty of this grand tree, the comfortable shade of its canopy and contemplating nature of the urban landscape.

While we do not know exactly how old the tree is, there is speculation that the tree as a youngster was growing during the years of the Ware or Lyndon families, thus the Willow Oak has been witness to much of Athens history.

We are happy to be working with partner Oneta Woodworks who is salvaging, storing and drying wood for future use by the art and design community. Oneta Woodworks is an Athens based company. “We specialize in reclaimed millwork dedicated to the repurposing of old wood in new uses.”

Artists and community members will be able to visit Oneta Woodworks site to select pieces of the Willow Oak for use in art and design projects. The Arts Center will work toward an exhibition in the future featuring works created with and inspired by the tree.

This exhibition features photography by Shannon Williams who has caught the tree over the years in all the seasons. The kid art projects, designed by Caroline Self, are based on the wonderful work by Gustav Klimt, Tree of Life, 1909.

For more information:
Lyndon House Arts center
293 Hoyt Street
Athens GA 30601
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