Memory Worker: Kelly Taylor Mitchell


ARTIST TALK, Saturday January 20, 2024 2:00 pm

The Lyndon House Arts Center is pleased to announce the opening of Memory Worker, by Kelly Taylor Mitchell, on November 18, 2023. This exhibit is on view through March 12, 2024.  The opening reception is Saturday November 18 at 2:00 pm.  

Kelly Taylor Mitchell is an artist and educator who lives and works in Atlanta, GA where she is currently a 2023- 2024 Midtown Alliance Artist-in-Residence, a 2024-2024 Arts & Social Justice Fellow at Emory University, and an Assistant Professor of Art and Visual Culture at Spelman College. Kelly’s multidisciplinary practice centers oral history and ancestral memory, real and imagined, woven into the fabric of the Africana Diaspora. Her work is deeply invested in labor-intensive making, slowness, and homespun passed down processes resulting in works of printmaking, papermaking, performance, book arts, and textiles. 

About this exhibition: “Memory work is a conjuring, a laying on of hands, an inheritance. An active lineage of ancestral seeking is presented here as a joyous offering, an outreached hand, at once invitation and RSVP.  A hand-sewn stitch is a protective gesture, popcorn a healing salve, pearls an ode to the women in white, and peanuts a gift for those who love them. A revolving door south, seaward, and back again Memory Worker shares spiritual technologies and handmade paper.” – Kelly Taylor Mitchell

Kelly Taylor Mitchell is the recipient of the BIPOC Fellowship by the Lyndon House Arts Foundation (LHAF). This program is supported by LHAF whose mission is committed to increasing the visibility and contribution of BIPOC artists as well as raising the creative economics of the arts and encouraging leadership roles within the arts profession and the education community.   

Pictured: Kelly Taylor Mitchell photogrpahy by E. Spencer, Kudzu Alter Cloth 3