The Ties That Bind

Anina Major headshot
Tamika Galanis

The Ties That Bind:

The Paradox of Cultural Survival amid Climate Events

Works by Anina Major and Tamika Galanis

September 17 – November 30, 2022

The Lyndon House Arts Center is pleased to announce the opening of The Ties That Bind, an exhibit of sculpture by Anina Major and photography by Tamika Galanis. 

This exhibit originated on St. Helena Island, SC during an artist residency in which the artists examined cultural identity and sustainability through environmental relationships.  Galanis and Major, both from The Bahamas and now based in Atlanta and New York City respectively.  Both multimedia artists’ work interrogates popular conceptions of place: Major’s through investigating “the relationship between self and place as a site of negotiation,” and Galanis’s by examining “the complexities of living in a place shrouded in tourism’s ideal during the age of climate concerns.”

The artists’ work inspired by this residency explores notions of life in the Sea Islands of South Carolina and The Bahama Islands. 

Accompanying programs for The Ties That Bind will be in conjunction with the University of Georgia’s Spotlight on the Arts in November 2022.

This exhibit is possible through a partnership with the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts at the University of Georgia.

Pictured above: Anina Major left, Tamika Galanis right