Project 4: Integrated Public Safety / Judicial Information System

Initial Project Statement

An integrated public safety / judicial information system will install or provide capital improvements to computer-based management information systems that will enhance connectivity and more effectively integrate information exchanges and communications between the Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, branches of the judiciary, court organizations, and other public safety jurisdictions.

The interagency sharing of information outside of the local criminal justice system will broaden the scope in which offenders are tracked and crimes investigated, and will reduce costs related to processing offenders and more importantly result in efficiencies within the local criminal justice system.

Project Updates

Contract with Pioneer has been executed and Notice to Proceed was given October 2018. Anticipate completion of project mid 2020.

Evaluation and procurement of vendor software systems supporting the various Courts is in progress. Continuation of development of a Data Exchange System and Database is also in progress to integrate and share information among the Sheriff, Police and Court organizations for operational efficiency and data consistency. Mayor & Commission awarded contract to Pioneer Systems for Magistrate, Probate and Juvenile Courts Dec. 5, 2017. 


  • Sub-Project 1: Police Department CAD and RMS Upgrade (complete)
  • Sub-Project 2: Judicial Data Exchange 
  • Sub-Project 3: Municipal Court Case Management System 
  • Sub-Project 4: Magistrate Court Case Management System 
  • Sub-Project 5: Probate Court Case Management System 
  • Sub-Project 6: Juvenile Court Case Management System 
  • Sub-Project 7: Court IT Upgrades 
  • Sub-Project 8: Record Imaging (complete)
  • Sub-Project 9: Electronic Document Management 
  • Sub-Project 10: Electronic Subpoenas 
  • Sub-Project 11: Accountability Court Case Management System (complete)

SPLOST 2011 Project Monthly Update

Key Project Statistics

  • Contractor: Multiple Contractors
  • Program Manager: Jacobs Engineering
  • Sponsor:  Courts / Police
  • Original SPLOST Budget: $2,612,000
  • Amended Budget: $2,534,000
  • Total Cost to Date: $2,379,177
  • Completion Date: Ongoing

*as of 7/27/2020