Project 33: Ware-Lyndon House Historic Garden

Project Summary

Project 33 will provide for the development of a history-based landscape and garden in accordance with the restoration master plan to complement the earlier restoration of the historical Ware-Lyndon House and enhance the facility as an interpretive house museum. 

Project Update

This included the creation of new landscaping for the Ware-Lyndon House based on historical design. The Athens-Clarke County Landscape Management Division were instrumental in the completion of this project. The Formal Garden provides a new aspect for tour groups to enjoy and attracts increased use of the historic facility. Trees, decorative flowers, walking paths, cast iron benches, a cistern and urns were added to the garden. Guests now have paths to stroll and a place to sit and rest. A street entrance was also added to the garden for easy access. This project continued the work done in 1999 to preserve the Ware-Lyndon House as a historic site and the last remaining home from its original neighborhood. 

Key Project Statistics

  • Designer: Root Design Studio, LLC
  • Contractor: LESCO Restorations, Inc. 
  • Program Manager: Jacobs Engineering
  • Sponsor: Leisure Services
  • Original SPLOST Budget: $225,000
  • Amended Budget: $239,000
  • Total Cost: $239,000
  • Completion Date: May 2016