Sub-Project 1: Replacement of Fire Station No. 2

fire station 2 and fuel station from rear view

Project Details

Sub-Project 1 will replace the existing Fire Station #2 currently on Mitchell Bridge Road and move it to the property at the intersection of Cleveland Road and Callaway Drive as the site for the new Fire Station #2, acquired by ACCUG. The site will also co-host the Cooperative Extension. The project will construct a Fire Station of approximately 12,000 square feet in area, with three (3) drive through bays, and providing sleeping, office space, and general living accommodations for 12 Fire fighters and Officers. Additionally, space for a Community/Training room, related storage, workshop, utility and maintenance facilities shall be included.

The facility will improve the living conditions of the personnel assigned. Additionally, the facility experienced a roof collapse in the early 1980's due to snow, as well as roof deflection due to accumulated ice. It currently offers little in the way of energy efficiency. In addition to improving the living conditions, providing a facility meeting current building codes, it will provide a more centrally located facility, relative to its service area, which will increase the Insurance Services Office rating of homes and businesses outside the current five (5) mile response zone, from a 9 to a 2. this will result in significant savings for homeowner's and business owner's fire insurance rates for structures located in this area, without compromising that of the existing population served.

Project Updates

Construction is in its final stages. Building interior systems and finishes, as well as site improvements, are nearing final stages of completion. Dedication and Open House is scheduled for October 20, 2019 at 2:30 p.m.

Key Project Statistics

  • Designer: W R Toole Engineers, Inc. 
  • Contractor: Kevin Price General Contractors, Inc. 
  • Program Manager: Jacobs Engineering
  • Sponsor: Fire and Emergency Services
  • Original SPLOST Budget: $4,346,000
  • Amended Budget: $5,762,685
  • Total Cost: To be determined
  • Completion Date: Scheduled for late 2019

*as of 10/15/2019