Project 26: Road & Bridge Improvements

Initial Project Statement

The Road and Bridge Improvement and Replacement program will provide continuation of roadway and intersection improvements that are identified in the Long-Range Transportation Plan and the Transportation Improvement Program. Improvements include road widening and/or realignment, sight distance improvements, pedestrian and bicycle lane improvements, construction of additional through and turn lanes, new signalization, improved alignment of cross streets, various bridge and bridge culvert improvements and repairs, and resurfacing and preventive maintenance of roadways as necessary to preserve and extend the life of existing roadways. Project expenses may be used as a local funding match to leverage state and federal transportation improvement grants. This will continue ongoing SPLOST 2005 projects.


  • Sub-Project 1: Local Road Improvements
  • Sub-Project 2: General Intersections 
  • Sub-Project 3: Bridge Improvements 
  • Sub-Project 4: Pavement Improvements 

SPLOST 2011 Project Monthly Update

Original Budget

  • SPLOST 2011 Budget: $15,580,000
  • Estimated Annual Operating Impact: $0

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