Sub-Project 1: Transit Vehicles

Project Summary

As a part of the transit vehicles sub-project, 14 Hybrid electric buses, 3 smaller demand response vehicles, and Ford Explorer supervisors support vehicles were purchased. The new low emission diesel hybrid electric buses are the first hybrid buses in the ACC Transit fleet. The buses replaced older buses that have exceeded their useful life span and are experiencing increased operating and maintenance expenses. The new buses more than double the fuel efficiency of the buses that they are replacing and improve fuel consumption by up to 125% over a typical bus.

Each bus can seat 37 passengers, with six seats designated as priority for seniors and mobility-impaired individuals. There is standing room for 24 more passengers. 

The ACC Transit buses are equipped to carry three bikes in the front exterior rack and use LED lights in the interior of the buses. Each bus has upgraded accessibility improvements,including a redesigned wheelchair ramp. Internal and external security cameras were installed, automated passenger counters, and a new MyStop bus location tracker mobile application. 

Key Project Statistics

  • Contractor: Gillig Corp
  • Program Manager: Jacobs Engineering 
  • Sponsor: Transit
  • Original SPLOST Budget: $975,000
  • Grants or other funding: $8,800,000
  • Total Cost: $9,775,000
  • Completion Date: February 2018