Sub-Project 6: Barber Street Multi-Use Path and Sidewalks

This sub-project is to provide Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements along Barber Street from Dairy Pak Road to Prince Avenue. The Project Concept fills a connectivity gap on Barber Street which provides improved bicycle and pedestrian access and safe corridor connectivity from Newton Bridge Road to Prince Ave, including commercial businesses, bus stops, and a number of apartment complexes and residential properties in the area. The project consists of: Approximately 7,230 feet of two-way separated bike facility and 5-foot sidewalk starting from N. Chase Street (Newton Bridge Road to Prince Ave) to Boulevard (Segments 1, 2, 3 and 4); Intersection improvements at N. Chase Street, Oneta Street, Boulevard, and multiple commercial driveways and side streets, including ADA improvements with accessibility ramps, pushbutton stations, and crosswalks; and Minor intersection improvements on Prince Ave..

The overall Barber Street Bike and Pedestrian Improvements Project is broken up into four different segments:

From North Chase Street to the Loop 10 underpass

From Loop 10 underpass to Oneta Street

From Oneta Street to Boulevard

From Boulevard to Prince Avenue

The majority of funding for Design is coming from SPLOST 2011 Project 06, Sub-Project #6 but the majority of construction funding is proposed to come from TSPLOST 2018 Project 11 and 12, Sub-Project #7.