Project 14: Sandy Creek Park Renovation

Initial Project Statement

Sandy Creek Park Renovation and Development, will provide for the re-development/renovation of areas within Sandy Creek Park such as the Visitor’s Center, renovation of Park restrooms to comply with ADA standards, rehabilitation of the campground, and general infrastructure improvements to park structures and roadways in accordance with the Sandy Creek Park Master Plan.


  • 1 - Road Maintenance - complete (Total Cost $360,279)
    Details: Sub-Project #1 provided preventative and rehabilitation maintenance on asphalt surfaces such as parking areas and roadways.
  • 2 - Replace Fishing Pier - complete (Total Cost $262,069)
    Details: Sub-Project #2 consisted of replacing the then existing fishing pier with multiple floating docks at various points around the lake. 
  • 3 - Replace Picnic Tables and Trashcans - complete (Total Cost $301,473)
    Details: Sub-Project #3 included replacing or rehabilitating the Park’s 100 trashcans and 75 picnic tables.
  • 4 - Renovate Dog Parks - complete (Total Cost $334,455)
    Details: Sub-Project #4 provided rehabilitation for all five of the park’s existing dog parks. This included new fencing, gates, new entry pads, benches, trash cans and other amenities.
  • 5 - Upgrade Lakeside Trail at Lake Chapman - complete (Total Cost $38,927)

  • 6 - Beach Renovations - ongoing
  • 7 - Playground Replacement - ongoing

Key Project Statistics

  • Designer: W R Toole
  • Contractor: Structural Resources, Inc.
  • Program Manager: Jacobs Engineering
  • Sponsor: Leisure Services
  • Original SPLOST Budget: $2,000,000
  • Amended Budget: $1,935,000
  • Total Cost: To be determined
  • Projected Completion Date: September 2021

*as of 4/30/2020