Project 10: Whitehall Road at S. Milledge Avenue Project

Project Details

Whitehall Road at S. Milledge Avenue Project, included construction of intersection improvements to the traffic operations and safety at the intersection of Whitehall Road / S. Milledge Avenue. The previous intersection was replaced by a single lane roundabout with sidewalks, divider islands, and stormwater improvements. This project was completed September 2019.

Project Updates

The contractor completed pavement, temporary markings, granite columns, and fencing work. The contractor finished the remaining work including final pavement markings, lighting, and grassing, bringing the project to completion September 2019. An on-site Dedication Ceremony was held on September 23, 2019 at 3:30 p.m.

Public artwork named "Phyllotaxis" designed by local sculptor Joni Younkins-Herzog was installed September 2021. This 12-foot sculpture was inspired by the tendency of plants to naturally arrange their leaves in fibonacci-like spirals to best capture sunlight. A public art dedication was held on-site October 15, 2021

*as of 1/27/2022

Estimated Costs:  
TSPLOST 2018 Budget
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