Sub-Project 2: Oconee Hill Cemetery Segment

Project Details

Project Concept was approved by the M&C on August 4, 2015.  Preliminary Plans were approved by M&C on September 6, 2016.  This greenway trail generally traverses the Oconee Hill Cemetery property with the northern and southern termini points connecting the existing greenway.  The trail is proposed to be 12’ wide concrete trail that is approximately 3,600 linear feet in length (alignment generally follows existing sanitary sewer route along the river) and would connect the trail along the river from Sandy Creek Nature Center to College Station.

Project Updates

Revised Preliminary Plans have been approved by M&C and staff has been authorized to present the plans to the OHC Board for review and comment.  Board provided a couple of months to return comments.  Negotiations for land acquisition through the Cemetery property are ongoing.

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