Sub-Project 2: Old Winterville Rd to Hancock Rd

In combination with SPLOST 2011 Project 8 Sub-Project 2, Old Winterville Road to Hancock Road construction budget will be funded through the TSPLOST portion of this project.

Project Details

Sub-Project #2 consists of approximately 1.8 miles of multi-use concrete trail with necessary appurtenances. It includes necessary land acquisition efforts for a non-automobile pathway along the existing rail bed corridor that will begin at the intersection of Old Winterville Road proceed east generally following the abandoned rail line and ending at Hancock Road. This section includes a bridge over GDOT’s proposed Loop 10 on-ramp.  The Project Concept for Sub-Project #2 was approved by M&C on July 5, 2016.  All Property between Old Winterville Road and the Loop has been acquired.

Project Updates

On May 5, 2020 M&C awarded the construction contract for Sub-Project #2 to Georgia Development Partners.   Notice to Proceed was issued July 16, 2020. The contractor has begun work on surveying, erosion control, clearing, grubbing, and construction fencing. Substantial completion date is anticipated for October 2021

For detailed information, images, presentations, and drawings for this project please visit this link.

*as of 11/3/2020