Project 3: Bus Stop & Transfer Facilities Improvement Project

Project Summary

Bus Stop & Transfer Facilities Improvement Project, includes transit related improvements for the land acquisition, design, and construction of decentralized transit transfer facilities outside of the downtown terminal.

Also, for the capital improvements of signage (static and/or electronic predictive arrival), concrete pads, seating, covered shelters over the paved pad, landscaping, lighting, route information, bicycle racks, trash cans, bus pull-offs, restroom facilities, bus/customer parking and other related bus stop improvements, as deemed appropriate by location. This funding may also be used to match funding for state and/or federal grants for additional transfer facilities or bus stop improvements. 

Project Updates

ACCGov Transit has been awarded a FTA/GDOT 5339 discretionary grant for funding to identify and procure property, design, and complete a NEPA for a Remote Transfer Facility has been approved by GDOT and FTA. The approved grant is $400,000, with a required $100,000 local match, bringing the project total to $500,000.   This discretionary grant application that was approved by M&C and submitted in November 2019. It identified matching funds from the 2018 TSPLOST Project # 3, as local match.  The original application was for $1,000,000, with a $250,000 local match. However, this grant only provides for $400,000 of Federal funding, and requires a $100,000 local match.  

The first stage of Site Selection Process - Site Criteria is currently underway.

*updated 4/22/2021

Estimated Costs  
TSPLOST 2018 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Impact