Sub-Project 4: Firefly Trail - Trail Creek Crossing

Project Details

Sub-project 4 consists of design and ultimately constructing a structure to span Trail Creek inside Dudley Park to complete an at-grade level pathway to provide a continuous trail on the previously completed Firefly trail sections. 

Project Updates

Final design and construction permitting process is substantially complete.  M&C awarded the construction contract to Astra Group, LLC. on December 1, 2020. The contractor is currently in the process of installing their tree save and erosion control measures for the site in preparation for clearing & grubbing.  The temporary fencing will mobilize the first week of April to provide a safe work area for the cranes which will be setup to demo the existing bridge.  Time-lapse cameras have been setup to capture the lifecycle of this project.  Trail path alternate routing signs have been placed for the pedestrians.  

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*as of 4/23/2021