Motor Vehicle Registration

Registration Renewal

Vehicle owners must renew their registration and pay the ad valorem tax every year during the 30-day period, which ends on their birthday. If the vehicle is owned by more than one person, then the birthday of the person's name that appears first on the title is used to determine the registration period. Newly acquired vehicles from casual sales, individual to individual, must be registered within 7 business days from the date of purchase. Newly acquired vehicles purchased from a licensed dealer must be registered with 30 days from the date of purchase.

For more detailed information regarding motor vehicle registration, please read about the Motor Vehicle Division.

Do you need to change the Name and/or Address on your vehicle registration and/or title?

If so, you must first change your name and/or address on your Georgia driver's license or Georgia identification card. Within 30 days of your new address you should apply for a name and/or address change on your Georgia title (if applicable) and registration certificate (tag receipt) at the Tax Commissioner’s Tag Office in the county in Georgia where you currently reside. Some counties require you to make such changes in-person. Submit the following to their office:

  • A valid Georgia driver's license or Georgia identification card issued in your current name showing your current address
  • A completed and signed Form MV-1 Title/Tag Application
  • Original valid Georgia title and current registration certificate (tag receipt)
  • If your financial institution (i.e. Bank, credit union, etc.) is holding your Georgia title, forward the required forms and fees to them requesting that they submit them to your county Tax Commissioner’s Tag Office together with your original Georgia title for the issuance of a new title and registration showing your new name and/or address
  • If the lien or security interest has been satisfied or paid, it should be released in the spaces provided on the title and the satisfied or paid lien or security interest information omitted from the title application
  • When applying for a name change, submit a certified copy of the court document authorizing the change (i.e. Certified copy of divorce decree, marriage certificate or court order)
  • When applying by mail, include correspondence indicating the requested change(s) (i.e. name and/or address change), a copy of your driver's license, & a certified copy of the court document authorizing the name change.
  • $18.00 title fee, when applying for a new title. There is no charge for only an address change on your tag registration certificate. If you are applying during your registration period, annual fees and taxes will be due (i.e. Ad valorem tax if applicable, annual registration fee, $1.00 mailing fee, etc.)