Transfer of Out-of-State Title and Registration

 To apply for a Georgia title for a vehicle purchased out of state, the following documents and fees must be submitted to the applicable county tax commissioner:

  • The title application in the owner's name (DOR Form MV-1)
  • The original, valid out-of-state title in the applicant's name or properly assigned to the applicant(s)
  • A check or money order for the total fees due made payable to the Clarke County Tag Agent (debit cards are also accepted and certain credit cards)
  • Secure dealer reassignment forms to complete the chain of ownership when the vehicle's ownership was transferred from a dealer (these forms can only be used after the first assignment on the out-of-state title has been completed).

When the owner of a vehicle with an out of state title is selling / transferring the ownership of the vehicle, he or she should complete the first assignment on their title to the purchaser / transferee. This requires the entry of the following information:

  • The purchaser’s / transferee’s name and address
  • The date of sale / transfer
  • The odometer reading, when required (Look closely before checking any box as some states require you to check the appropriate block only when the odometer reading does not reflect the actual mileage, and some states require the box to be checked when the odometer reading is the actual mileage).
  • The seller(s) / transferor(s) must print their name(s) and sign their name(s) to the assignment; their printed name(s) and signature(s) must agree with their name(s) as they appear on the face of the title.

For vehicles where an odometer reading is required, the purchaser(s) / transferee(s) should acknowledge the odometer declaration made by the seller(s) / transferor(s) by printing and signing their name(s) to the assignment in the spaces provided; if there are more than one purchaser, it is only necessary for only one of the owners to acknowledge the odometer declaration Important Information.

Every owner, other than a licensed dealer, is required to obtain a title in his or her name before transferring ownership. A licensed dealer is the only one who is allowed to transfer ownership utilizing the assignments / dealer reassignment forms without first having to obtain a title in their name. The first assignment on an out-of-state title must be completed before dealer reassignment forms may be used.

All liens and security interests noted on the face of the title or on the assignments of title against the previous owner(s) must be released. Any noted liens or security interests against the current owner(s) must be either released or the lien or security interest information must be shown on the title application.

Proof of Georgia liability insurance is required and must be updated on the state database via Electronic Insurance Verification (EIV) within 30 days.

A valid Georgia driver's license or Georgia identification card with a Clarke County address is required.