Tag Renewals

  1. Online Renewals
  2. Renewals in the Office
  3. Check Payment Information

Car tags can be renewed in the office, on-line at DOR Online Tag Renewal, by phone 1-877-496-0249 or by mail.

Payments received after the due date (birthday of primary owner) will be assessed a late fee equal to 25% of the tag fee plus 10% of the tax. Pre-bills are sent as a courtesy, failure to receive your pre-bill does not negate your responsibility to renew by your birthday.

Motor vehicle owners and lessees in this state are required to maintain Georgia continuous liability insurance coverage on their vehicle(s) to: 1) legally drive the vehicle(s); 2) register and obtain Georgia license plates (tags); and, 3) renew, replace, or transfer existing Georgia license plates (tags).