Change of Ownership

Title Transfer Information

All motor vehicle owners who are required by law to have their motor vehicle registered in Georgia and who are not specifically exempt from having a title must apply for a Georgia Certificate of Title in their name within 30 days of purchase or if registering from out of state, 30 days from the date of residency.

The standard title fee and Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) is due upon transfer of any vehicle 1986 and newer. If the vehicle is not registered within the required 30 days from the date of purchase or residency additional penalties will be assessed.

If your motor vehicle is 1985 model or older, a certificate of title is not required for transfer. In this case, you may transfer ownership by providing a bill of sale to the new owner and TAVT is not due. If you have a current title and would like to transfer the vehicle ownership using the current title, TAVT would be due at the time the title is transferred. TAVT is charged at a lower rate for all vehicle that do not require a title to transfer ownership.

Certain exemptions may apply to Georgia Title Transfers. Please call the Tag Office, 706-613-3130, with any questions regarding registration of a newly purchased vehicle.

Online Registration System

During the fall of 1999, the Motor Vehicle Division implemented a new online registration and title information system (G.R.A.T.I.S. – Georgia Registration and Title Information System) with the Athens-Clarke County tag office to improve customer service. For most types of title transactions, a tag clerk will review the documents while the customer waits and enter the necessary data online into the state's computer.

The customer will know before he or she leaves the office if their documents are in order for the issuance of a title. If the documents are approved for title issuance, the title will be printed at Motor Vehicle Department headquarters and mailed out in a blue envelope.