Newly Acquired Vehicles - Never Titled

Required Documents

To apply for a certificate of title for a new vehicle never titled in any state or jurisdiction, the following documents must be submitted to the county tag agent or to Motor Vehicle Division headquarters:

  • Title application in the purchasing party's name(s)
  • Original and valid manufacturer's statement of origin (MSO) properly assigned to the applicant(s) showing a complete and correct chain of ownership
  • A valid Georgia driver's license or Georgia identification card with a Clarke County address
  • Check or money order for the total fees due payable to the tag agent or the Motor Vehicle Division; the selling dealer must enter their signature and current Motor Vehicle Division customer ID number on the assignment of the MSO in the spaces provided on the title application

Required to Title
Every Georgia owner of a vehicle, other than a licensed franchised dealer (dealer licensed to sell new motor vehicles), must obtain a title in their name before transferring. If a statement of origin is assigned to a used motor vehicle dealer, then that used car dealer must secure a title in their name before transfer. All liens noted on the assignments must either be released or shown on the title application.

Details on New Vehicles
New vehicles are vehicles purchased new from a dealer or directly from the manufacturer, having no previous owners other than the dealer(s) since it was manufactured. As long as ownership of the vehicle remains the same since purchased new, the title, once issued, will always reflect the vehicle as new.