Sidewalk Gap Program - Holman Ave & Magnolia St Sidewalks

Magnolia Sidewalk
Holman Sidewalk
Magnolia Sidewalk 3
Magnolia Sidewalk 2

Project Description: This project includes design and construction of sidewalk gaps on Holman Avenue and Magnolia Street including:

1. 600 linear-feet of 5 foot sidewalk network on Holman Avenue between King Avenue and Old West Broad Street, providing pedestrian access to the surrounding neighborhood, area businesses, and transit facilities.

2.  1360 linear-feet of 5 foot sidewalk network on Magnolia Street between West Broad Street, Rose Street and Baxter Street, providing pedestrian access to the surrounding neighborhoods, Rocksprings Park & Community Center, multiple businesses, HT Edwards Teaching and Learning Center, and transit facilities.

Construction is expected to begin November 2020, with expected completion by August 2021.

Funding Source: General Capital, SPLOST

Project Budget: $457,600

Construction Contractor: Summit Construction & Development LLC

December 4 Update: The contractor began working on Holman Ave this week, moving fences out of the right of way.

January 8 Update: The contractor has completed all concrete flatwork on Holman Avenue and began work on Magnolia Street. 

February 5 Update: Streets & Drainage staff replaced a substandard catch basin within the project limits of the Magnolia Street segment. The contractor is currently working on a retaining wall, sidewalk, and driveway construction.

March 2 Update: Summit Construction is completing the construction of the remaining retaining walls, sidewalk and driveways on Magnolia Street segment of this project, with anticipated early completion in April 2021.

June 4 Update: The contractor has completed all outstanding construction items on both sites. Substantial completion will be issued by the end of June.