Mitchell Bridge Road Widening Project


Mitchell Bridge before


Mitchell Bridge after


The pre-existing Mitchell Bridge Road carried approximately 10,000 vehicles per day and was expected to increase by 50% by 2030. The crash history for the corridor revealed that angle (principally left-turning vehicles) and rear end were the most common types of crashes along this segment of roadway. These crash types are common along congested corridors where turn lanes are not present. Further, the projected traffic volumes would exceed the capacity of the existing two-lane road. Widening Mitchell Bridge Road was expected to improve existing conditions by providing the turn lanes into the businesses, allow through traffic to safely continue moving along the corridor, and to accommodate future traffic demands. With this widening project, the through traffic would not be subject to delays caused by the stopped left turning traffic, and access to the existing commercial businesses would be improved.

Project Details:

Local Roads Improvement - Widening Mitchell Bridge Road to three lanes, with one lane in each direction and a center two-way left turn lane from the Publix driveway to Athens West Parkway.

-     The widening occurred along the northwest side of Mitchell Bridge Road to minimize impacts to the utilities (primarily Georgia Power) located along the corridor and will require approximately 10 feet of additional right-of-way plus construction and drainage easements from affected property owners, but did not impact any existing parking at the businesses along the corridor.

-     The corridor was converted from the rural cross section with open drainage ditches to an urban section with curb and gutter and drainage pipes to accommodate the stormwater.

-     Sidewalks were extended and constructed along the entire corridor