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FY18 Pavement Maintenance Project

The FY18 PMP includes the rehabilitation (new pavement) of 39 roads totaling 20.90 lane miles and preventative maintenance treatment (chip seal and crack seal) on 168 roads totaling 138.50 lane miles.

The contractor, Pittman Construction, had temporarily stopped work due to the winter months. Now that the weather is warming, work has resumed and is anticipated to be complete in the spring.  

For an updated list of roads being paved and corresponding road closures, visit the Road and Lane Closure Page.

You can find more updates to on-going projects on the Manager's Snapshot.

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Our Mission

Our staff is committed to ensuring a high quality of life for current and future generations living in Athens-Clarke County by providing safe and efficient:

  • Roadways, bikeways, and walkways
  • Traffic control and guidance systems
  • Public stormwater collection and conveyance systems
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