Animal Info

Want to learn more about an animal you saw at Sandy Creek Nature Center?

A wide assortment of field guides are available for browsing in the Education & Visitor Center. For more information on any of the resident exhibit or program animals you may have seen during your visit, you can view species fact sheets here.  

Corn snake
Copperhead snake
Cottonmouth snake

Need help identifying an animal?

The field guides in the Education & Visitor Center can help get you started on your search. A staff member may be available to assist with animal identification, especially if you can supply a photo.  In addition, the following websites are an excellent at-home resource: 

  • The Savannah River Ecology Laboratory herpetology website describes all of the reptile and amphibian species native to Georgia and South Carolina.
  • This website offers a variety of features to assist with bird identification.
  • After creating an account, users can upload photos of insects, spiders, and other arthropods to the "ID Request" section of the guide.  Other users, both amateur and expert, will try to name your "bug."
  • The administrators accept photo submissions, and they may choose to feature your image on the site.  Looking through the archives can also help you make an ID on your own. 

Trying to find out how to help injured or orphaned wildlife?

Although Sandy Creek Nature Center is not able to provide wildlife rehabilitation services, there are several local resources for orphaned and injured animals: