Snake Day

This year we are bringing Snake Day to you virtually! Throughout the week, we will have ways to learn more about snakes and learn to appreciate them. On Saturday, we will have a variety of activities being shared throughout the day.

Monday-Snake Journal (pdf)(word) Print a journal to fill in as we share information through the week. Make a craft, do an experiment and watch videos.

Make a toilet paper tube frog or snake! Watch the instructional video to learn how! 

Tuesday-Create an election poster for your favorite native venomous snake and send it to SCNC. You can send through Facebook messenger, or if it is a large file. We’ll have a vote on Saturday of people’s favorite venomous snake.

Watch Rob Tiffin’s video "Wasteland" . Rob is a Frogwatch volunteer with the Sandy Creek Frogwatchers chapter.

Wednesday-Time to get crafty! Make a reptile or amphibian with an empty egg carton. We’d love to see your creations! Here’s the instructions for the alligator craft.

Thursday-Can you spot the camouflaged snake?

Friday-Make a snake snack to enjoy

Saturday-a variety of activities will be shared throughout the day. 

9am Bear Hollow Zoo

10am-Join us on Facebook Live for a panel of snake experts to learn about snakes, especially venomous snakes, in our area. Submit questions by Facebook post, Facebook messenger, by Friday afternoon. You may still submit a question during the presentation via chat but we would love to have a few questions in advance. (Live) Audience: older children, teens, adults

11am Former SCNC Intern, Breanna Walker, will read a story for us. (pre-recorded) Audience: Families

12pm Join us on Facebook Live for a snake encounter with Michelle Cash and Britni Hendrickson from SCNC. 

1pm Berkeley Boone, Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center and former SCNC Naturalist, will lead us on a virtual snake search. He’ll share the do’s and don’ts of looking for snakes in the wild.

1:30pm Facebook Live Venomous Snakes of SCNC

2pm Craft time! 

3pm Snake Day exhibitor, Jennifer Mcauley, will share how she uses snakes as a resource in her classroom.

4pm Vote for your favorite venomous snake! Poll on Facebook. Poll will open at 10am and close at 4pm. Our winner will be announced after the poll closes.