Virtual Learning Experiences

Albert Einstein said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”  We chose to wade through the difficulties created by the pandemic to find "drop"-portunities for water education.  Please explore our offerings for the Virtual Learning Experience. Please contact Jackie Sherry at to schedule a virtual lesson or to virtually meet a water professional.   

Water Water Everywhere
Brook Rivers will fill your cup with facts about one of our most valuable resource: clean water.  Equal parts theater, magic, circus and good humor, this performance will delight and enlighten audiences, as they learn about water cycles, conservation, point and non-point source pollution and more. Water Water Everywhere-The Movie was created and produced by Jack Golden. For more information on this and similar programs, contact Jack Golden at 

Drop in the Bucket Video Lesson
Drop in the Bucket incorporates percentages and graphs to show how all the water on earth is distributed. Do you know what percentage of all the water on earth is available for our use? Watch the video to find out! Try this activity at home with this worksheet!

Drinking Water Jeopardy Game
After watching the Drinking Water Treatment Plant Video Tour and Drop in the Bucket Video Lesson above, test your knowledge with the Drinking Water Jeopardy Game!

Water Jeopardy Game Board Opens in new window

Water Properties
Water is truly magical! The nature of the water molecules causes it to be attracted to other water molecules as well as molecules of other substances. Check out the video which details the various water properties known as cohesion, adhesion, and surface tension. Test out these water properties for yourself by using this worksheet