Roll Out the Barrels

What is Roll Out the Barrels?

Roll Out the Barrels is an annual event (typically held in May) that raises awareness of stormwater runoff, water pollution, and water conservation, all while promoting local artists and supporting environmental education. Local artists turn ordinary, 55-gallon rain barrels into beautiful pieces of functional art to be auctioned off in support of the Athens Green School Program, an initiative to ensure environmental education is taught in the classroom.

Our 2020 event was cancelled due to COVID-19. Check back here soon for more information about how we plan to host a modified (and virtual) version of this event in the spring of 2021!
Roll Out the Barrels 2019 barrels on display
ROTB 2017
proud barrel owners
Roll Out the Barrels 2019

Why Rain Barrels?

Water pollution is a serious problem in Athens-Clarke County and green infrastructure, such as rain barrels and other rainwater harvesters, are an important component in addressing that problem. Rain barrels are easy to install and can be used to protect water by both reducing stormwater runoff and reducing the need to pull from city water supplies for lawn-care and car washing.

Contact for more information. This event is organized annually by the ACCGov Stormwater Management Programthe Water Conservation Office, and Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful.