Athens Water Festival

Come have a dino-mite time at the  Athens Water Festival Flyer 2022

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To see more pictures from the 2021 Athens Water Festival, please visit Lily Anne Phibian's Facebook Page.

Thank you to these organizations for presenting at the 2021 Athens Water Festival and making the festival a special experience for everyone!

These water organizations came together to make water sparkle! Attendees could touch sea life, become a water drop or create a water delivery system. With open-ended activities, participants of all ages enjoyed the activities at the festival. Thank you to the groups below who participated in the 2021 festival.

ACC Water Conservation: Play "Water Drop Plinko", assemble the WaterSense logo in less than a minute, and learn how water can balance on surfaces like a penny.

Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful: Climb to the top and conquer the litter problem with Litter Twister Climb

ACC Cooperative Extension & Master Gardeners: Make a pot out of newspaper & plant a seed inside. Remember to water! Test your knowledge with a compost quiz!

State Botanical Gardens of GA: See how bogs work in the water cycle.

Public Utilities & Transportation and Public Works: Splash in the spray and explore the trucks needed to take care of our water in ACC

GA River Network: Protect our waterways from the river to the swamp.

ACC Stormwater: Test your physical ability through various stormwater obstacles in the Olympic Rain Drop Relay!

UGA Marine Sciences: Get up close & personal with creatures from the Georgia coast.

UGA Water Resource Team: To flush or not to flush, that is the question. Test your flushing knowledge.

Art Truck: Art Class - use watercolors and stamps to create beautiful works. 

ACC Extension SNAP Ed: Enjoy infused H20 to spruce up your water game.

Oconee River Trout Unlimited: Learn tips and tricks to better your cast.

ACC Recycling: Try your hand at a recycling relay game. Do you know where your trash goes?

Upper Oconee Watershed Network: Macroinvertebrates call our local streams home. UOWN brings a few along to join us in the festival fun. 

Sandy Creek Nature Center: See how animals use the need for speed.

Bag the Bag UGA: Plastic bags wreak havoc in our water. Recycle a t-shirt into a bag and bring it the next time you go shopping. 

St. Mary's Wellness Center: Test your balance carrying buckets of water! Careful, don't spill!

Bear Hollow: Meet local wildlife and get crafty.

Girl Scout Troop 12043: How many paper clips can you float on water?