Water Videos

You won't get wet while watching our videos, but these videos make a splash!  If you are looking for an engaging virtual learning experience, short films from budding local filmmakers, informative DIY repairs, or something a little out of the box, our water video selection can quench your thirst.  All videos are available on Lily Anne Phibian's YouTube channel.

  • H2knOw Videos
         Learn about water with interactive lessons to meet Georgia Excellence Standards, trivia games, and more
  • Tour Videos
         Go behind the scenes to see what happens at the drinking water treatment plant and water reclamation facility
  • Froggie Tales
         Join water professionals for story time as they read classic and beloved water-themed tales
  • Ripple Effect Film Project
         Young local filmmakers submit short, water-themed videos for the annual film contest
  • DIY Fix a Leak
         Simple DIY plumbing repairs can save you $$
  • The Kitchen Sink
         You won't know what you'll find until you dive in and explore - go ahead and jump in, the water is great!    

Enjoy our latest video added to the collection