Tour Videos

We know life is busy, so it can be difficult to find time to schedule a tour of one of the four water treatment facilities in Athens, GA.  However, you may still be curious about the process your water takes before it is delivered to your home and after it is collected.  These two tour videos take the mystery out of the magic, revealing the science behind the clean water on which we depend. 

Drinking Water Treatment Plant Video Tour
You use water every day, but do you ever wonder what happens to it before it arrives at your home?  Our tour of the J.G. Beacham Drinking Water Treatment Plant video is perfect for young tadpoles and adults. Can you pass the "Drop Quizzes"?  How many times can you spot Little Lily, our small, green, stuffed frog?

Water Reclamation Facility Video Tour
Have you thought about where the water goes after you brush your teeth, wash your hands, or flush the toilet? Check out our Athens Water Reclamation Facilities tour to see how the collected water is cleaned and returned to the environment.  Challenge yourself with the "Drop Quizzes" and Little Lily Lookout - how many times do you spot the little frog?