Frequently Asked Questions


The relationship between the Athens-Clarke County Police Department and the community has always been strong.  However, recent events in cities across the country have challenged the relationships between police departments and their communities.  These incidents serve to remind our officers of their oath as they strive each and every day to carry out our mission of supporting and defending the Constitution for everyone regardless of background.  Sanctity of human life, fair and impartial policing, treating others with dignity and respect, professionalism, and integrity remain at the core of our values.  However, we recognize that the conversation of unity, equity, and equality needs to continue, and we are ready to work together to seek positive change in our community.  Therefore, in response to questions from the public over the last few months and in an effort to maintain its transparency with the community, the Athens-Clarke County Police Department has composed a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).