Records Management Unit

Records & Data Entry
Our Records / Data Entry Section is managed by an Administrative Lieutenant, 
Jonathan Patterson, and a Records Sergeant, Kattie Clark.  Additionally, we have a team of Records Clerks and a quality control supervisor, whose efforts are vital to the mission of our Department.  Information processing is a major component to prevention, deterrence, and investigation of criminal activity. 

The function of the Records Section is to maintain all current and historical police department files related to crime and traffic. These employees also handle our walk-in customers, as well as our switchboard.  The Data Entry Section is responsible for the prompt and accurate entry of all reports generated by the department. We currently average 50,000 documents a year for processing. 

The Records Management Unit is also responsible for responding to open records requests from the public. Our Department values transparency and strives to produce all available records as soon as possible. However, the time necessary for us to produce records may vary depending on the nature of the request and current workloads. Please note that Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. 50-18-71) permits public agencies up to 90 business days to fulfill open records requests. To submit an open records request online, please complete and submit an Online Open Records Request Form