Year's Support Books

Book Contents

These books are indexed by the name of deceased. A granting of year's support (also known as 12 months' support) conveys the title of the real property of the deceased to the petitioner (usually the spouse) and minor children of the deceased. In some cases, permission must be granted by the court in order to later sell or incumber the property. Since 1980, the year's support petitioners are filed in the minutes books. A list of Year's Support Books by date can be found below.

Information found in these books include:
  • Petitioner's name
  • Name of deceased
  • Name of minor child(ren)
  • Description of real estate
  • Purpose for which sale or conveyance is requested
  • Appointment of guardian ad litem for children
  • Date
  • Name of judge
  • Plat or survey of property may be included (not required)


Book Title
Widows and Minors Support A July 1881 - April 1895 Yes RR B7-11
Year's Support 2 February 1888 - March 1925 Yes RR B7-11 PV
Year's Support 3 April 1924 - September 1938 Yes RR B7-11 PV
Year's Support 4 February 1939 - January 1952 Yes RR B7-11 PV
Year's Support 5 November 1952 - September 1963 Yes RR B7-10 PV
Year's Support 6 December 1963 - September 1971 Yes RR B7-10 PV
Year's Support 7 August 1971 - July 1978 Yes RR B7-10 PV
Year's Support 8 July 1978 - July 1980 Yes PV

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