Bench Docket Books

Book Contents

The Bench Dockets Book contains an index by last name of the decedent, ward, or other subject of the proceeding, with reference to docket page number. The bench docket book contains a record of the petitions filed. As of February 15, 2000, these books are no longer used and the information is accessed by computer. A list of Bench Docket Books by date can be found below.

Information found in these books include:

  • Docket number
  • Petitioner's attorney's name
  • Names of principal and petitioner
  • Type of action
  • Date of filing
  • Disposition


Book TitleDatesIndexedLocation OriginalMicroprint
Inferior Court docket book COctober 1854 - April 1866
RR B9 top
Docket CAugust 1866 - October 1891YesRR N9-4PV
Docket Court of OrdinaryMarch 1869 - December 1887
RR AM133
Bench Docket CJanuary 1888 - July 1907YesRR B7 topPV
Bench Docket DAugust 1907 - May 1919YesRR B8-8PV
Bench Docket EApril 1919 - December 1929YesRR B7 topPV
Bench Docket FJanuary 1930 - August 1940YesRR B5 topPV
Bench Docket GAugust 1940 - January 1951YesRR B5 topPV
Bench Docket HJanuary 1951 - December 1958YesRR B7 topPV
Bench Docket IDecember 1958 - May 1965YesRR B5 topPV
Bench Docket JMay 1965 - December 1970YesRR B5 topPV
Bench Docket KNovember 1970 - September 1975YesRR B5 topPV
Bench Docket LAugust 1975 - December 1979YesRR B5 topPV
Bench Docket MDecember 1979 - October 1983YesRR B7 topPV
Bench Docket NOctober 1983 - April 1987YesRR B4 topPV
Bench Docket OApril 1987 - August 1990YesRR B5 topPV
Bench Docket PSeptember 1990 - November 1993YesPV
Bench Docket QNovember 1993 - December 1996YesPV
Bench Docket ROctober 1996 - December 1999YesPV
Bench Docket SDecember 1999 - February 2000YesPV