Annual Returns Book

Book Contents

The Annual Returns Book contains an index by name of the deceased or ward. The representative of the estate is required to report to the court annually all receipts and disbursements on the estate. This report is called the annual return. The last one is called the final return and those are also included in the Annual Returns Book. A list of these books by date can be found below.

Information found in these books include:

  • Name of deceased
  • Name of administrator, guardian, etc.
  • Detail of receipts, disbursements, and cash or investment balances and depository
  • Period for which return is filed
  • Date filed


Book TitleDatesIndexedLocation OriginalMicrofilmMicroprint
Administration of Estates Book A to DJanuary 1799 - March 1817YesRR B9-6HR, GAPV
Returns Book CMarch 1815 - September 1827YesRR B9-3HR, GA
Estate Return Book (1820 -1830)November 1820 - October 1891YesRR B9-2

Returns Book FJanuary 1827 - December 1834YesRR B9-2PV, HR, GA
Returns Book GDecember 1834 - November 1838YesRR B9-2
Returns Book HMay 1838 - September 1847YesRR B9-3PV, HR, GA
Records Book JJanuary 1841 - January 1850YesRR B9-3

Journal QMay 1845 - February 1860YesRR B9-5PV, HR, GA
Records Book KMay 1847 - March 1859YesRR B9-3PV, HR, GA
Journal LJanuary 1851 - January 1872YesRR B9-5

Journal MJuly 1851 - June 1854YesRR B9-5PV, HR, GA
Journal NJanuary 1853 - May 1855YesRR B9-3PV, HR, GA
Journal OApril 1853 - March 1860YesRR B9-6PV, HR, GA
Journal PApril 1855 - March 1857YesRR B9-5PV, HR, GA
Journal RJune 1857 - February 1880YesRR B9-6PV, HR, GA
Journal SMay 1859 - October 1971YesRR B9-5PV, HR, GA
Journal TJanuary 1860 - February 1862YesRR B9-6PV, HR, GA
Journal UJanuary 1860 - November 1865YesRR B9-6PV, HR, GA
Journal XJune 1862 - February 1873YesRR B9-6PV, HR, GA
Returns WFebruary 1863 - October 1866YesRR B9-6PV, HR, GA
Journal YSeptember 1863 - November 1872YesRR B9-6PV, HR, GA
Book of Returns VDecember 1863 - July 1876YesRR B9-3PV, HR, GA
Journal AAJanuary 1868 - February 1884YesRR B9-1PV, HR, GA
Journal BBFebruary 1868 - February 1881YesRR B9-6

Journal ZSeptember 1868 - December 1870YesRR B9-5

Journal CCOctober 1871 - November 1879YesRR B9-1PV, HR, GA
Journal HH Record of ReturnsDecember 1875 - January 1890YesRR B9-6

Journal DDApril 1876 - February 1880YesRR B9-1

Journal EEDecember 1878 - June 1882YesRR B9-6PV, HR, GA
Journal JJ Record of ReturnsApril 1885 - November 1894YesRR B9-6PV, HR, GA
Annual Returns KKApril 1888 - July 1900YesRR B9 topPV, HR, GA
Administrators, Executors, Guardians Returns ANovember 1891 - April 1916YesRR B9-5

Annual Returns LLApril 1893 - July 1897YesRR B9-5PV, HR, GA
Journal Returns MMJuly 1894 - July 1905YesRR B9-5PV, HR, GA
Annual Returns NNNovember 1904 - January 1912YesRR B9-5

Annual Returns OOSeptember 1912 - July 1915YesRR B9-5

Annual Returns PPJune 1915 - July 1918YesRR B9-5

Annual Returns QQMay 1917 - May 1921YesRR B9-5

Annual Returns RR (1921-1925)January 1921 - March 1925YesRR B9-5

Annual Returns SSFebruary 1923 - January 1927YesRR B9-5

Annual Returns TTJanuary 1926 - October 1929YesRR B9-4

Annual Returns UU (1929-1933)May 1929 - January 1933YesRR D

Annual Returns VV (1933-1939)October 1933 - October 1939YesRR D

Annual Returns WW (1938-1941)January 1938 - March 1942YesRR D

Annual Returns XX (1941-1947)January 1942 - April 1947YesRR D

Annual Returns YY (1945-1952)December 1946 - October 1953YesRR D

Annual Returns ZZ (1952-1956)February 1952 - September 1956YesRR D

Annual Returns 1February 1955 - September 1956YesRR B9-4
Annual Returns 3January 1959 - May 1962YesRR B9-4
Annual Returns 2February 1959 - March 1961YesRR B9-4
Annual Returns 4April 1962 - March 1965YesRR B9-4

Annual Returns 5October 1963 - May 1966YesRR B9-4

Annual Returns 6September 1965 - September 1968YesRR B9-4

Annual Returns 7March 1969 - April 1970YesRR D

Annual Returns 8March 1970 - March 1972YesRR D

Annual Returns 9December 1970 - June 1973YesRR D