Inventory & Appraisement Books

Book Contents

The Inventory and Appraisement Book contains an index by name of deceased. In some cases, the judge requires that an inventory be compiled of the assets of the deceased with an estimate of the value of those assets. Three people who have no interest in the estate are chosen to appraise the assets. A list of these books by date can be found below.

Information found in these books include:
  • Name of deceased
  • List of assets and their values
  • Name of executor or administrator
  • Name of judge
  • Date


Book Title
Inventories and Appraisements 1811-1828 July 1811 - January 1830 Yes RR Floor GA PV
Inventories, Appraisements, and Returns Book C July 1818 - March 1826 Yes RR B9-2 HR, GA PV
Inventories and Appraisements Book D September 1822 - October 1851 Yes RR B9-2
Journal F.F. Record of Inventory and Appraisements August 1881 - March 1915 Yes RR B9-1

Inventory and Appraisements G-G June 1914 - July 1925 Yes RR B9-6
Inventory and Appraisements H-H October 1924 - October 1977 Yes RR B4 top
Inventory and Appraisements I-I April 1978 - October 1999 Yes PV

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