Minutes County Purposes Books

Book Contents

Before authority over county administrative affairs was transferred to the county commissioner, the judge of the probate courts had jurisdiction over many matters pertaining to county affairs, including, but not limited to, property, tax, roads, bridges, ferries, militia districts, vacancies in county offices, claims against the county, and collection and disbursement of money belonging to the county. The book contains an index by person's name and a record of the county business administered. A list of these books by date can be found below.

The information varies according to the type of county business, but includes the following:

  • Name of petitioner
  • Name of judge
  • Date
  • Description of what is being recorded


Book TitleDatesIndexedLocation OriginalMicroprint
Minutes Book of the Inferior CourtJune 1810 - June 1817
RR AM 243
Inferior Court MinutesJanuary 1812 - January 1813
RR AM133
Inferior Court Minutes - County Purposes: 1815-1836January 1815 - September 1836
Untitled; Inferior Court MinutesFebruary 1821 - February 1830
RR AM243
Untitled; Inferior Court MinutesMay 1826 - May 1831
RR AM243
Minutes 1856-1865October 1856 - October 1865
RR C3-3
Record of County Business: Court of OrdinaryDecember 1879 - October 1890YesRR D
Minutes County BusinessMay 1882 - May 1889YesRR B8-9
Minutes 1889-1946May 1889 - August 1946YesRR B8-8PV
Docket County BusinessFebruary 1891 - October 1908
RR C3-4
Minutes County BusinessMay 1910 - January 1934YesRR C6-1
Minutes County Purposes 3September 1940 - November 1985YesPV
Minutes County Purposes 4December 1986 - July 1994