Bond Books

Book Contents

The Bond Book contains an index by last name of decedent or ward and a copy of the bond. The bond is a financial guarantee that the administrator, executor, or guardian will perform the duties required by law. An administrator is appointed by the court when there is no will. An administrator is always required to post a bond unless the heirs unanimously agree to allow the court to waive this requirement. Executors are rarely required to post bond. A list of these books by date can be found below.

Information found in these books include:

  • County
  • Name of principal (e.g., decedent or ward)
  • Name of administrator, executor, or guardian
  • Name of probate judge
  • Date
  • Name of guarantor or surety company
  • Amount of bond
  • Appointment for which bond required (e.g., administrator, guardian, etc.)


Book TitleDatesIndexedLocation OriginalMicrofilmMicroprint
Bond of executors (1811 - 1839)May 1811 - September 1839YesRRB9 top

Administrators and Guardians Bonds Book AJuly 1829 - July 1847YesRR B9-4GAPV
Administrators and Guardian Bonds 1845-1866January 1845 - September 1868YesRR B9-3
Guardian Bonds 1847-1896July 1847 - June 1876YesRR B8-19
Guardian Bonds CMarch 1849 - November 1852YesRR B9-5
Bond Book D 1852-1876April 1852 - April 1876YesRR B8-9
Administrators and Guardian Bonds Book AJune 1856 - May 1874YesRR B9-4GAPV
Court Ordinary Bonds EAugust 1876 - April 1896YesRR B9-2
Record Bonds FJanuary 1877 - December 1928YesRR B9-4
Guardians Bonds EMarch 1889 - March 1909YesRR B8-8

Temporary Administrators Bonds GMarch 1891 - September 1956YesRR B9-2

Administrators Bonds FAugust 1898 - November 1915YesRR B9 top
Guardians Bonds FMarch 1907 - May 1926YesRR B9-2
Administrators Bonds GMarch 1919 - October 1932YesRR D

Guardian Bonds GJune 1926 - July 1955YesRR B9 top
Administrators Bonds HNovember 1932 - May 1955YesPV

Temporary Administrators Bonds HSeptember 1949 - October 1980YesPV

Guardians Bonds HDecember 1954 - May 1979YesRR B9 top
Administrators Bonds IJuly 1955 - September 1978YesPV

Guardians Bonds IMay 1968 - January 1989YesPV
Administrators Bonds JAugust 1978 - May 1997YesPV

Temporary Administrators Bonds IDecember 1980 - August 1988YesPV

Temporary Administrators Bonds JFebruary 1988 - December 1997YesPV

Guardians Bonds JJanuary 1989 - November 1997YesPV