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1. My business is in a building with multiple other businesses. I don’t pay a trash bill; does this ordinance apply to me?
2. I operate a small business that doesn’t generate much trash or recyclables. What I do generate I take home with me and use my residential collection service. Does the ordinance apply to me?
3. I run a small business out of my home. Does this ordinance apply to me?
4. So I have to provide recycling collection at my business. Where do I start?
5. What resources are available to help me comply with the ordinance?
6. I live in a condominium; does my property manager have to comply with this ordinance or do I?
7. Do you expect me to root around in the garbage after my customers and pull out recyclable material?
8. We’re a church. Does this ordinance apply to us?
9. If the county is making me provide recycling containers, why won’t they pay for them?
10. My spouse and I each run a separate business out of the same address; do we need two different plans?