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Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department Commercial Recycling Plan Form

  1. ACC Solid Waste Department Commercial Recycling Plan

    All businesses, organizations, and multifamily properties within Athens-Clarke County must provide at all times recycling containers to collect all items listed on the Targeted Materials List and have a plan showing compliance with the recycling ordinance (Sec. 5-2-14 (i)). A separate Recycling Plan Form must be completed for each property location. This ordinance does not apply to businesses run from households. Contact ACC Commercial Recycling Coordinator Abbie Sawyer at with any questions.

  2. Type of Property*
  3. Type of Collection Containers for Recycling*
    Select container type, size and number. Check all that apply. If other, describe in Notes field below. These large outdoor containers are usually provided by the recycling service vendor.
  4. Roll-Cart Types
  5. Dumpster Types
  6. Education plan for customers, employees and/or tenants.*
  7. (You can include a link so that ACC can download your online education information.)
  8. Owners of multi-family properties shall distribute to new tenants at the beginning of the lease and to all existing tenants at least annually, general recycling program information and current recycling program guidelines as updated and provided by the ACC Solid Waste Department.
  9. Check with hauler. Most materials in Athens come to the Athens-Clarke County Recovered Materials Processing Facility.
  10. Plans Review Applicants Only
    If your project is in plans review and completing this form was part of a condition on your approval, please provide your project number.
  11. If your business has not opened yet, please enter your estimated opening date.
  12. Signatures
    I agree to have a recycling collection and education program at the above address. I understand that I/we must provide on-site recycling containers that must be adequate to hold accumulated recyclables until hauled to a processor. The recycling containers are suggested to be at least as convenient to tenants/employees as waste containers.
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