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Request Recycling Materials

  1. Recycling Materials Request Form

    Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division offers Used Recycling Bins and for businesses at no charge as well Reusable Recycling Tote Bags for residents to use to carry their recycling to the community dumpster. We also have additional materials such as Recyclable Items Flyers, posters and stickers. Let us know how we can help your program succeed. Thank you! Please note that these bins are used and we will need time to clean and prepare them for your use. Bins will be available as soon as possible and you will be notified when they are ready for pick-up. Stickers will be mailed to the address you provide.

  2. If different than above.

  3. Reusable Recycling Tote Bags and Flyers

    We ask that multi-family properties limit their request to 100 bags at a time. These bags are expensive so we kindly request that bags are only given to tenants that show an interest in recycling and not given to every tenant as not everyone will recycle.

  4. Recycle Bags

  5. Recyclable Items Flyer front

  6. Used Recycling Bins Available

    Please enter the quantity of bins needed for each type. Please note that colors may vary based on availability. All bins will come labeled for recycling.

  7. Ideal office paper bin and for covered mailbox area, also includes drain at the bottom (outdoor capable)

  8. 18 gallon tote in blue

  9. Ideal for tight spaces (paper, cans, bottles lid). Uniform bin style

  10. Slim Jim

  11. For bottles and cans

  12. can or bottle lid

  13. For paper, bottles and cans

  14. UFO lid

  15. 7 gallon recycling bin

  16. 3.5 gallon recycling bin

  17. Standard mixed recyclables for spaces (nice for entries/exits)

  18. Square bin with flip lid

  19. Brown Square Lid

  20. Ideal lid in outdoor spaces and for event recycling to ensure proper materials are entering bin

  21. Outdoor Bin with Pyramid Top

  22. plastic-bag-recycling-bin

  23. Recycling Stickers and Posters Available

    Please enter the quantity needed per item.

  24. Sticker

  25. Sticker2

  26. Recycle white on clear (small)

  27. Recycle white on clear

  28. Sticker4

  29. Sticker3

  30. Recycle White Letters

  31. Cans White Letters

  32. Plastic Cups White Letters

  33. Bottles White Letters

  34. ACC SolidWaste-RECYCLE-RollCart-Label

  35. Sticker5

  36. Recyclable Items Flyer front

  37. ACC SolidWaste-COMPOST-RollCart-Label

  38. Trash Stickers Available

    Please enter the quantity needed per item.

  39. ACC SolidWaste-LANDFILL-RollCart-Label

  40. Trash Only Sticker

  41. Sticker9

  42. Landfill Sticker

  43. Dumpster Stickers Available

    Please enter the quantity needed per item.

  44. Sticker2

  45. ACC SolidWaste-RECYCLE-RollCart-Label

  46. Sticker6

  47. Sticker7

  48. Sticker8

  49. Flatten Boxes

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