City of Winterville

Winterville History

Winterville was originally established in the 1840s as Six-Mile Station, a Georgia Railroad depot for wood and water six miles east of Athens. The Winter family from Germany settled in the area in the 1850s and was soon entrenched in the small community. The depot was soon called Winter’s Station after Heinrich Winter, the first section foreman. When his cousin John Winter became postmaster in 1866, the village officially became known as Winterville. With the railroad, Winterville prospered on into the 20th century.

The village was originally located in both Clarke and Oglethorpe counties and incorporated in 1904. In 1906, the state legislature allowed the citizens to vote as to which county they would rather fall in. The citizens voted for association with Clarke County. It still remains today as the only other incorporated town entirely in Athens-Clarke County.

In 1971, the City of Winterville began holding its annual Marigold Festival to instill community pride and offer a city symbol of a hearty flower often used to signify friendship. The city is now dubbed the City of Marigolds and continues to hold its annual festival. For more information about Winterville, visit the Winterville website.