Hawthorne Ave. @ Oglethorpe Ave. Intersection Improvements

Project Description: This is a safety and operational improvement project at the intersection of Hawthorne Avenue and Oglethorpe Avenue. Improvements include:

  • Replacing the existing span wire signals with new mast arm signals.
  • Removing the concrete island located on the northwest quadrant and the "slip" right-turn lane. A dedicated right-turn lane will remain, but speeds through the intersection will be reduced by removal of the slip-lane.
  • Reestablish high visibility crosswalks, ADA ramps and wider sidewalks at the intersection.
  • Rebuild the intersection include flashing yellow arrow signal heads for the left turn movements and back plates on all signal heads to improve visibility.
  • Permissive left turn prohibitions on movements with high crash experience during peak hour traffic.
  • Restriping the pavement to improve sight distance for the northbound and southbound lanes.
  • Restriping the pavement to include one receiving lane for northbound traffic and creating a short two-way left turn lane to accommodate midblock left turns into the YMCA and other driveways along Hawthorne Avenue north of Oglethorpe Avenue.

Project Goals and Objectives: Improve the Level of Service during peak traffic hours by reducing delays, reducing speeds through the intersection, upgrading the existing traffic signal system, and installing/replacing sidewalks within the project limits. Provide a safer intersection for all users.

Project Timeline / Schedule:

  • Impacted Property Owners' Contact          TBD 
  • Final Design & Right of Way Acquisition    TBD 
  • Contract Award                                           TBD 
  • Construction                                               TBD 

Funding Source: SPLOST 2011 Project #26 - Road & Bridge Improvements

Click Here to view the Preliminary Design Plans

To provide comments or ask questions about the design plans, please e-mail us at: engineering@accgov.com